Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-27 | 15:59:11

As we all expected some smart guys with less then 24 hours to arrival went

Not even the Comitee boat will see them :))))

the usual suspects hahahahah

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Post by iconPost by marcusbelgicus | 2017-12-27 | 23:10:12
They should know now that nobody in stealth will win... LOL
I don't see the value at all in putting in stealth with such arrival...
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-27 | 23:37:18
Hi that a new rule, that I am not aware of?
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-27 | 23:24:21
On a different Note but also about ghosts and idiot rankings...

This time more exactly about VR news...If VR guys haven't seen a french buddy leading the fleet, something would be really wrong.

Last leg they even changed the nationality of one of the leaders, to french, obviouslly...

One thing is for sure well before 250 and well after 250 natical miles for arrival, I know who was leading the race for a long time and was not a french buddy.

And if by any chance the Skipper mentioned in the news leaded the Sydney - Hobart this year, that was for sure a hick up of the idiot ranking system or VR team dreaming with ghosts.

Just a little side note: If you KLM2235 are reading this post I inform you that if by any chance you win this race stealthing I won't congratulate you. Nor you neither any boat that arrives stealthing.

Post by iconPost by RastaSLO | 2017-12-28 | 21:28:08
Just for info. I know two boats were in stealth mode, but still crossed finish line just after me and score was officially recognised as in normal mode.
Is stealth mode vurnerable only for winning?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-28 | 21:37:21
Stealth mode is probably unrelated to winning, but it can raise all kinds of conspiracy theories when you can't see your opponents for few days and they gain places on you.
Post by iconPost by marcusbelgicus | 2017-12-28 | 22:06:08
My comment was a joke, just based on the fact that, almost nobody in stealth mode has won a race since the start of VRO3. I think on the TJV, from the first 10 players, only the winner and another player were not in stealth.
Personally, I don't think stealth is providing an advantage, unless you use it at a special time of the race, to try a different route, for a limited amount of time.
I am pleased to see that almost nobody from the top 20 of the S-H race was in stealth for the finish, this is so much nicer, isn't it ?
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-29 | 03:38:05
Indeed!! :)
Post by iconPost by Commandant Mitchell | 2017-12-29 | 10:37:01
Completely agree with you Marcus. Stealth mode can be used to take an option for a limited time. VR should reduce it to one or two hours no more!
Post by iconPost by Toppen | 2017-12-29 | 11:36:17
And the person going stealth shouldn't be able to see the rest of the field himself... i think that would reduce the use of stealth...
Post by iconPost by Skully62 | 2017-12-29 | 14:24:20
What about going more in line with the Volvo rules. you can only use it once for a 24hours period and you cant use it when you are within the last 200 miles of a race. This will mean getting rid of the card, but I don't use coins for it anyway so I am more likely to spend coins if programs/auto sails come up more in the card rotation spot.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-29 | 17:44:52
it is nice to discuss stealth (again) here, but only the VR-team can decide to change it.
I would recommend everyone to submit a request to VR at:

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