I'm over it...it's been real guys. thanks for the fun year
Post by iconPost by UpperDecker_1 | 2018-06-21 | 19:07:23

Fighting my way to top 50 on the previous leg, only to have my waypoints get botched right before the finish line, sending me to run aground...

And now, 11th place on leg 11, with waypoints set around the rounding island. I have the game opened on my screen so I can watch every update. my boat sails clearly around everything. My place and boat position continue updating as usual. Nothing out of the norm, and I'm conservatively sailing the best race I ever have!

....all of a sudden my phone buzzes with a notification from Virtual Regatta app -- your boat ran aground....this game is unbelievably frustrating. it has so much potential, but they decided to focus more on cool graphics than design something that works consistently. Many sleepless nights this past year playing this game....this is heartbreaking to finish this way. I won't be coming back unless Virtual regatta changes everything -- doubtful.

thanks again for all the hard work that everyone put in with designing this site, the chrome plugins, and the polars.

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Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-06-22 | 23:43:38
Dear Jessicabot,

In the dummy VOR leg 11, I was in position 140 cutting through the Waddenzee between Vlieland and Terschelling and making the last turn near Den Helder back out on the North Sea, There my boat was put ashore by the infamous sideways_move_bug:

The crosshair was clearly free in the blue at max. zoom, I reloaded the game interface to be sure that position on the client is in sync with the position on the server. Than changed my heading with a waypoint to the line and waited as you instruct us for the 'waypoints validated' message. Still one minute later I see my boat move sideways and pout ashore.

Than I steer away from the coast. boat move. reload the game interface. boat still free. change direction to the line and ...

... boat put again ashore by the server !!!

Than steered away again waited much longer and turned finally in the right direction, with two sail change penalties (to LJ and back to C0).

Untill than it was a fun game, but again it was ruined by that crappy game interface of VR that has made, is completely impossible to do any form of manual steering around islands and landmasses. Why don't you fix that behaviour with highest priority?

It is really take the fun of the game away for your soon_to_be_ex_customers.

Now I'm in position 360 so lost 220 places and relatively an almost 200% higher position. Can you please at least award a redress and some form of excuse?

With not so kind regards,

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-06-22 | 23:45:13
and no, I don't expend anything but the usual cut-and-past support_bot answers that it is my fault, nor any form of bug fixing or redress
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