Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-11-14 | 20:12:00

Hi guys still looking for links and help
New to virtual regatta

1/ there is a search bar in this forum that i can't find ?
2/ there is a explanation of the windows VR dashBoard somewhere ? with explanation of reds cases ? blue numbers, red number....
3/ a link or somebody ready to explain me a good strategy with zezo and virtual regatta..

de préférence en Français
1/ je cherche la barre de recherche ??
2/ un lien avec les explications détaillées de VR dashboard infos
3/ un lien ou une bonne âme qui m'explique sur la (une) strategie à mettre en oeuvre avec zezo et virtual regatta
4/ sur le lien de VR dashboard les coordonnées du bateau sont envoyées a windy ? comment ait on pour afficher le point ou est situé le bateau

Merci à tous

je kiffe ce jeu !

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Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2018-11-14 | 20:44:21
Re 2/:
Please check out this thread
as well as the Chrome Extension threads.
I'm sorry that info about the Dashboard is a little scattered around.
Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-10 | 18:56:59
Somebody find a search engine in the site ? thanks

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-12-10 | 20:15:12
I was in the process of adding one, but got some problems to solve in real life.

Please use google with a tag like or "search item zezo forum" for the time being

Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-11 | 13:02:48
thanks zezo it's what i used to do so i'll wait by the way can you answer to this ?

3/ a link or somebody ready to explain me a good strategy with zezo and virtual regatta..

cause i love this game and what ou did and i would like to go further thanks

Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-11 | 13:03:24
thanks zezo it's what i used to do so i'll wait by the way can you answer to this ?

3/ a link or somebody ready to explain me a good strategy with zezo and virtual regatta..

cause i love this game and what ou did and i would like to go further thanks

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-12-11 | 18:38:58
There is no simple answer to that question, other than "time and experience".

You need to commit a lot of time to the game if you want to do well. Sometimes, you will have long passages with stable forecasts, where you can ignore it for hours (or even days, once in a while), but if the forecast is unstable then you need to check the updated forecast multiple times per day and sometimes at night. And if careful maneuvers are required, such as short-tacking a shoreline, you may occasionally need to be awake and online at strange hours of the night. I have usually been able to compete well while sleeping 6-8 hours per night, but occasionally a race demands night hours to do well. (Nowadays, I usually skip races where I'm certain I'd need to be awake at night... That isn't fun for me anymore).

You need experience to be able to recognize stable versus unstable weather, establish a personal pattern, learn to recognize good risk/reward opportunities, recognize before a race starts whether or not it will require attention at times your personal calendar will not allow, etc. These types of things must be learned from experience, and cannot be easily explained.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-12-11 | 20:33:30
1. Don't follow the router blindly. If there is more than one possible route (like the xtreme North and South in the RORC) pick a strategy and stick with it. Sticking with the loser is better than hesitating between the two for few days.

2. Learn to read the isochrones. They are the more important tool. Find the reason why the router does what it does.

3. Study the polars. Some boats have odd concave regions, sail crossover points with reduced performance and other weird spots that should be avoided.

4. Yes, it needs a lot of time and effort. Like checking the weather every 5-6 hours in unstable conditions. That means going to bed late and waking up early. That gets tiring after few days. Then it gets exhausting.
Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-11 | 21:03:12
Ok thanks zezo and YMOMSA
i know i need time be patient but....
i will try to see if somewhere in the forum i get some explanation on Learn to read the isochrones...
About the polar i see for tomorow a lot of wind around 50 i saw on polar that with foil if it's more than 35 you loose speed ! zeze take care of this ? Thanks

Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2018-12-12 | 01:39:03
One way to learn that doesn't take much effort is to follow zezo closely (but not during weather updates - wait til the red isochrone reaches the finish / disappears) and then work out why other boats that were near you end up better later by comparing your tracks. Also learn when zezo has its limitations like tacking along a shore.

I discovered zezo in June and have been in the top 20 in all 7 races that I took seriously taking this approach.

Basically with the isochrones they bulge forward on a track that is faster. The bulge may have a flat area or a definite point. If it is flat and the flatness is perpendicular to the direction you want to go there may not be much risk in heading closer to one side or the other if you think that might pay.

People often say zezo isn't good at showing you alternative routes but it does if you know how to look. Nautic Retour right now is flipping between a northern and southern route depending on the forecast for the english channel which is only that last 12hrs of the race! It looks like two sets of bulges with a V in between in the isochrones. Try routing from the position of myself now (if you see this soon enough) - can be done easily from dashboard if you follow me and click the wheel next to me in the friends/opponents tab.

Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-12 | 08:30:43
Ok thanks MF
1/ I never see the red isochrone don't reach the finish .... look closer that !!
2/ I saw like you two different road sreaching the finish one south at 3/4 days previsions and north at 1/2/ and 5 from my position and option ( just have choose foils ).... and I don't know how to choose ?? zero tell me north.... a 5 days....

Thanks anyway help a lot
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2018-12-13 | 17:29:19
If you stare at the isochrones long enough you can you can start reading them like you would read a topo map. Have you ever skied? On skis you look for the "fall line", the quickest way down the mountain. Like if you dropped a round rock, which path would it roll down and follow? Don't follow the router exactly like someone else said. That takes the fun out of it. Those isochrones are like a 3-d map. Two spacial dimensions and time. (x,y,t) Look for the fall line. That is all the routing software is doing. But you can see it with your eyes. You don't need the software. And you can even see where the fall line bifurcates and there are two options. Pick one that you think will put you where you want to be, when you want to be there, and stick with it. Once you choose, you can't go back.

Also, play around with programation in the VR software. Put out a few timed heading changes and see how the predicted positions move around with both time adjustments and heading adjustments. Remember, you are in (x,y,t) space.

If you have ever studied physics, basically you are looking to get to the bottom of a three dimensional potential well with a straight line. But that straight line is not necessarily straight in the (x,y) plane. But it's straight in a (x,y,t) space.

Lastly, never forget, the straightest path is always the shortest path in two dimensions. But then there is that third dimension, time, that you have to factor in.


P.S. Keep an eye on your boat polars. They change shape with wind speed and sail choice.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-12-14 | 08:15:57
There are few threads with discussion and illustration of that effect:

And about concave polars:
Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2018-12-14 | 10:02:09
Thanks to all will be back with more questions.... for now get some reading to feed my curiosity... Thanks a lot to help us
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2018-12-26 | 06:43:36
This is probably grade school but how do I attach an image to a post here?

Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2018-12-26 | 06:56:04
I see... you can't attach an image in the zezo forum. I guess that's by design.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-12-27 | 10:11:47
No way to upload image indeed. You can only link to external image hosted elsewhere.

And yes, it's by design. I write the entire thing in about one afternoon and 300 lines of code, more as a basic blog than a forum, so it's very limited.
Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2018-12-31 | 23:26:55
Message pour HolyDonkey
et autres francophones ....

Pour ajouter l'extension VR Dashboard suivante :

Pour les extentions en relation avec Zezo

Et pour presque toutes les explications je vous offre ceci :

Bonne année 2019 sur l'eau ...
Post by iconPost by holydonkey | 2019-01-01 | 19:12:11
Merci mcmgj, bonne année à toi aussi

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