Post by iconPost by Klauwhamer | 2019-01-18 | 06:50:59

This time for a change, no questions, no problems, nothings wrong

Just want to thank zezo and everybody helping for this awesome program. It's creation, the maintanace and answering the endless stream of questions

Thank you

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Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2019-01-18 | 18:22:26
Post by iconPost by Lo | 2019-01-21 | 07:17:13
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2019-01-21 | 11:41:35
there is a button "donate"
Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2019-01-22 | 06:00:49
+$ :)
Post by iconPost by Retsam | 2020-12-04 | 15:50:32
Great programming achievement, zezo. I'm speechless, or near. As I spent 30 year on programming myself, I can spot the real value in your SailingSimulator. Simple yet efficient. KISS!

I took part in first VG virtual race, suffering a lot from their Flash programming and manual grib routing for long hours. Now I'm back for a short while, being dropped in the middle of crowd, one week after departure. Your routing program makes that adventure so easy, that I should consider it as a 'sea stroll' and not a race.

From that point of view, even if I were an AI from far future (but better than "roboat"), I will fail... Perhaps in next race I can start from start point. ;-)

Chapeau bas!

Post by iconPost by Olivier92 | 2020-12-04 | 18:33:19
+1 fantastic work
Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2020-12-08 | 23:46:47
Thanks for the hard work !
Post by iconPost by WakeUp650 | 2020-12-10 | 14:32:34
+1000 ;)
Post by iconPost by KKAOSS | 2020-12-12 | 02:15:15

Post by iconPost by crazyeight | 2020-12-12 | 19:57:53
Excellent tool. IRL I use Weather-4D, LuckGrib and experimenting with qtVlm. Nothing is as easy and as straight forward as this tool. I often wish I could upload my polars into for quick routing. This tool, and the forum, make the VR game tolerable. Thank you.
Post by iconPost by jokap | 2020-12-13 | 17:06:14
I recently had the trial of the premium version of SailGrib4VR--and got rid of it before I had to pay for their service! Unbelievable how much worse that worked compared to Zezo's project...
So, thank you so much, Zezo, for sharing this with all of us! :D
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