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Predicting wind from 96-degree, zezo proposes a course to 128 in order to have a TWA 36" upwind. The sum of the numbers does not make a match. 96+36=132 and not 128. I do not get how in the same frame ZEZOsimuator managed to have data that does not agree to each other. As I couldn't photo in the game -when moving the cursor the frame with the data is gone- I used my mobile to send to you the photo of it, in case you need it. I believe you already know that as you race in leg 4 of Solitaire, but in case you didn't notice I thought you want to see to it.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-23 | 11:08:13
With the interpolated winds you can't get exactly the same numbers everywhere. Fact is that there is difference between router, game interface AND game server.

The difference you mention has always been there. There is little logic to smooth the track and not give you a black dot every 10 minutes. So it averages the numbers a bit and they don't add to 0 anymore.

Also, the router misses the optimum TWA sometimes (or most of the time in certain races/weather conditions). You have to take care of that by careful observation of the polars.
Post by iconPost by theo | 2019-06-23 | 11:30:15
Thank you Cvetan. I have very limited knowledge to have an opinion, but what you said make sense to me. I am observing the polars. Ty
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