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Has anyone been tracking the pricing model for full packs and/or the credit cost for options? Or can that info be pulled from the cache? Also, on a lesser note, has anyone been paying attention to the number of credits you can earn by turning in cards?

I believe the full pack costs vary by country and currency... (They're also a bit cheaper on IOS than on a computer, but I think that's offset by taxes being applied when you buy on IOS). So a full layout of the full pack pricing model might be difficult to do cleanly. I'm just trying to figure out if there's a fixed cost by VSR category, or if it's done differently. I think it was a consistent cost per category in the past, but it seems like lately, it has varied independently from category. It also seems like it has been quite expensive. So I'm wondering if it's actually programmed, or if a human is directly assigning prices by race, and whether or not there's a pattern.

Also, I remember a race a few months ago where the full pack price went up a few days after the race opened, so that the earliest registrants got a bigger "discount". I'm wondering if that's a consistent thing, or if that was just something that happened in that one race. I think that was Magellan 2.

I'm similarly wondering if the cost of upgrades in credits has a consistent pattern relative to the VSR category.

Regarding the credits we get returned for cards... I think it's still 5 credits per card, right? But it looks like the max is now 350 instead of 500? I guess I shouldn't have spent time trying to get more cards beyond 70 in the Med record race. Is 350 a consistent max now? (At least until they decide to change it again)... Or is it arbitrary by race?

I'm slowly getting priced out of this. I occasionally pay for a full pack, and I have a backlog of credits from the past that I'm burning through... But I don't want to spend $50+ per month, and I don't want to race without enough options to have a chance to win, so I'm not sure what I'll do when I run out of credits. The game has gotten a lot more expensive in the last year or so.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-07-16 | 16:18:05
There is a fixed point - 5 EUR per VSR level

Price varies only on mobile, on PayPal it's always 10-15-20-25

There was a race or two with unofficial 24-hour early bird pricing, one level/5 EUR cheaper that the official price, but haven't seen it since.

What is actually inflated is the VSR / Price for specific kind of race.

Once it used to be 5 EUR for a short race, 10 for a transat-type and 20 for a round the world . Now it's like 15/Leg for a 10-leg RTW.

Max buy-back points a re also linked to the VSR, so no change since the limit was implemented to stop people hoarding cards.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-07-18 | 11:29:47
Credit cost for options is consistent by race category. So is the starting bonus..
Post by iconPost by OgeR | 2019-07-19 | 09:25:29
Hello! For the cashback credits with returned cards, it's still 5cr/card and the maximum number of collected cards is defined by the VSR level of the race:

120 cards max for a VSR1 race (=600cr)
110 for VSR2 =550cr
100 for VSR3 =500cr
90 for VSR3 =450cr

Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-07-22 | 22:30:24
I'm not sure VR is doing themselves any favors by these price increases. Admittedly, it is holiday in Europe, but the trend is striking.
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