Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-03-17 | 17:07:09

So I guess they decided that with the Full Pack, the Auto-Sails should always be turned on... and can't be de-activated.

I find that annoying because I like to leave it turned off sometimes, to avoid excessive sailchange penalties. I guess I can still play that way when I'm not using a Full Pack, but I hate the card game too.

Two questions...

-There's a thread in the VR forum about this, but it's all in French. My French is weak, but my impression is that some users are complaining about the change and the moderators are telling them it's a great new feature to be happy about... Can someone with better French clarify if there's more to the conversation than that? I they considering enabling people to turn it off?

-Do we know what rule the Auto-Sails function will use to change the sails? I remember a past dialogue where someone found something in the cache to suggest it was something like a 0.4% speed difference? (ie, it will allow you to use the wrong sail until the speed difference exceeds that limit, and then it will switch to the right sail... which is good because it helps to avoid situations where the sails will flip back and forth multiple times quickly). Knowing this percentage threshold would be helpful for people trying to avoid excessive sailchanges. The good news is... it uses the server data, not the client data, so the sailchange should occur at the right time. (Unless they changed that too).


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Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2020-03-17 | 17:29:04
Pat-Rock is the only moderator I've seen in the thread. He clarified that it's not a bug, but a feature when I asked. He's neutral about it as far as I can tell. There was an uproar from users and he promised to forward their concerns to the developers. No official feedback from VR yet.

Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-03-17 | 21:12:51
Hi YourMom and mak08
I confirm, there are a few of us reacting to this "new functionality" ...
The successions of penalties were highlighted during navigation in HDG (& Wpts) for the range of overlap of the sails.

You can "like" the comments to give weight to the "claims"
Pat-Rock takes care of making the link with VR
Post by iconPost by M63 | 2020-03-20 | 08:11:41
Hi your mom,

This new "functionality" of VR Offshore was freshly welcomed in the VR forum. It is indeed a heresy because all serious players on this platform often sail at the limit between 2 sails.

It is of course still possible to navigate on VR despite this new functionality but you must know exactly the tolerance coefficient of the scale between two sails.

There are two coefficients that are defined in the polar of each boat on VR: autoSailChangeTolerance and badSailTolerance.

As you have noticed, the TWS values that must be taken into account are the server values.

I think that only the "autoSail" coeff should be taken into account. The other coeff is related to the warning message. This coeff can be ignored because it seems to be linked to the values displayed on the interface and not to those of the server.

To date, this coff is fixed : 0.3%

There is therefore always a possibility to navigate at the limit but it is very dangerous because it seems impossible to determine with perfect precision the future values of TWS.

Example: on the Magellan the speed difference between the TWA 65 and 66 are so small that it is possible to sail for a long time with the wrong sail before an automatic tilt.


Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-03-20 | 12:14:40
Thank you for the excellent and detailed analysis!
Post by iconPost by M63 | 2020-03-20 | 08:25:04

"autoSailChangeTolerance": 1.003,
"badSailTolerance": 1.01,
Post by iconPost by ErwanCM | 2020-03-24 | 17:22:38
if I understand, the only way to have manual Sails is to avoid to be Full Pack?
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-03-24 | 17:34:13
Yes ...
Post by iconPost by ErwanCM | 2020-03-24 | 20:29:11
Thanks GeGaX
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