Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-23 | 14:32:20

hello Zezo Community,
I'd like to test a different route than the default one.
So starting from my boat position I know how to fix a new destination.
Then if I route my boat I have a ETA to this new destination.
But then I'd like to route my boat to the arrival from this positionand using the calculated ETA.
Is it possible to manage this kind of operation?
Thank you for your answers.
Best regards.

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-23 | 16:02:24
Set starting point to your waypoint, turn on timeshift, then set start time to your ETA at the waypoint.
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-23 | 16:21:28
OK Thank you, I will test that ;)
Take care.
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-23 | 16:27:21
I've ticked timeshift but i do not see where i can set the starting time?
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-23 | 16:38:33
Ah … maybe I found that as an answer in a previous topic: "After the start of the race, timeshift has no effect, and zezo will always give you the current forecast."
So if I get it well, we can not test other route than the default one?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-23 | 17:11:07
Yeah, looks like you are right, that doesn't work after the start.

Would be a really nice function to have. It's always going to yield a longer time to finish than the default route, but I do spend a lot of time looking for alternate routings that are nearly identical ETA but have a better probability.
Post by iconPost by wakeup | 2020-04-23 | 19:08:57
Yes that would be a very nice function (being able to add intermediate waypoints). Sometimes just adding an intermediate waypoint changes the route with a similar result (of course router always show the one they think is the best).
But depending how you think the weather will change it can be nice to use that different route.
And also when you use different solutions it might be nice to check things by adding intermediate waypoints.

Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-23 | 21:43:44
The router determines the optimal route given a deterministic forecast. That often results in a route stringing together little fingers of winds days out that you know are unlikely to be there a couple of forecasts from now.

Moving around the destination to another peak in the isochrones that results in a route using more stable synoptic systems is the decision you have to make.

Post by iconPost by Mimi_46 | 2020-05-13 | 08:54:13
Thx for providing free and good routings!!

"Routing using intermeiate waypoints" >> I agree , if we could draw our own route when zezo proposes ONE whereas there are TWO routes .. It is currently the case in Goaa

With zezo I known ETA for the proposal route ( cureently Indien Central Route)

But I cant have an ETA if I choose African route. I just have ETA for intermediate POI

In record races like JV , Ho_YO , etc... , we have possibilities to choose a starting time...
There is a secod possibility using that: introduce an intermadaite POI and a Time

I do it in record and it is very usefull

So my proposal : just make available for standrad races the possibility of choosing starting poi at a time

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-13 | 10:23:54
That would be very confusing if it is not interactive is some way - like clicking on a blue line with "route from here" option.

But that would require the blue lines to be converted to vector format (SVG). Probably not too hard but would require some code rewrite.

Please see my last posts here about working around the lack of waypoints.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2020-05-14 | 05:02:19
I was thinking something like that just the other day. Could even be "Route through here" and it routes from current time to there and then from there to desination at the time it arrives there.

It would even be useful to see how far off the beaten track you can go without much difference in ETA with the current forecast - could help spread us all out a bit more which would be nice ;-)

Post by iconPost by Mimi_46 | 2020-05-13 | 10:50:18
No > no confusion!

Normal zezo display remains current.

Additionnal menu is those for record races : "choose starting time"

Rename in menu : "starting time" as example : "personal turnpoint"

Intervall time =1H

With isochrome display I'll choose the turn point, i ll reead time on choosen isochrome

Validate turnpoint and zezo calculale the "presonnal" route


Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-13 | 13:25:46
Next step - someone else activates it accidentally, starts complaining about router giving wrong information. You have to support him. Providing multi-user service can be complicated sometimes, on the support side.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-13 | 14:41:55
"Support" should require a paid subscription.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-13 | 15:40:40
Many people make a donation after I provide personal support.

I just try to keep the interface as simple as possible. The other possibility is having separate basic and advanced versions.

And the site pays some bills, bit it has never been my primary occupation (excluding the first few months of active development when I had just quit my day job, needed a break and had nothing better to do. But there was zero income during that time, so it does not count )
Post by iconPost by Mimi_46 | 2020-05-13 | 10:56:21
The menu "personnal turnpoint" in small window containing:
starting point etc..
Post by iconPost by Hamachi SA | 2020-05-13 | 16:02:47
How about adding an item to the right click popup menu: "Place waypoint here" and it gets treated as a mark. Depending on ease of implementation, you could add "leave to port" or "leave to stbd."

I think having an advanced version that has a modest fee would be OK with most people. Of course, then you have all the overhead of managing subscriptions or you could do it as a one time upgrade fee.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-13 | 16:15:51
The router does not have a notion about Starboard/Port and the math to check will double the complexity/time.

Current gates are implemented as South/East etc. of the point.

A "Route via exact point" would be easier to do.

About going commercial - it can get me into legal trouble. That's probably the main reason the site is free for everyone.

Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-13 | 16:29:14
Click the ads in the bottom right corner folks! That's money in Cvetan's pocket.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-13 | 16:32:14
Only if you are interested. It's against the Google rules otherwise, and may not even count anyway. The AIs are getting too smart fighting ad scammers.

But I'd still appreciate if you turn off your ad blockers ;-)
Post by iconPost by Luis75 | 2020-05-14 | 10:10:37
My ad blocker is turned off. What do I see now? Ad for a funeral at 1.200€!!!!!!!! I will never understand how it works...:):)
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-13 | 17:37:19
I even bought some really nice Helly Hanson sailing shorts through one of the ads.
Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2020-07-08 | 00:01:13
Hi Cvetan,
One suggestion for consideration would be to enable (via an option?) the timeshift that you already have for the record races.

Pro: you can use it to add a waypoint, by routing to a waypoint, then routing from there starting at the appropriate time.

1) per the menu you need to plan around the 3hr increments, though you taught us how to tweak that - that info hiding in these threads somewhere!
2) Add lots of opportunities to mess up by trying to route from where you are now, but accidentally starting at a time in the future
3) only 1 waypoint

so, not the infinitely flexible, multiple waypoint tool; but I can think of many occasions (including last night) when it would have been very usefulin comparing routes around either side of a high....

Thanks again for a great tool, and all the work you do to maintain it and support the community.
JohnT/Truffle Hunter

PS: Contribution winging it's way to you.
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