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I start on Zezo and VR. I have a lot of fun and often dream that I am sailing. I have 2 questions.
- Is Zezo more suitable for winning on VR than my Weather 4D software?

- what is the difference between the blue and red dots behind which my competitors are hiding.

Good regattas to all,

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-06 | 19:52:22
- It's the easieast. Literally 1-click most of the time. Also uses the exact boat polars from the game, and very close weather data.

You can export the polars and use them in another software. But then you also have to enter your boat position manually every time. I'd say a professional software like Adrena or Expedition, having access to other weather models like ECMWF, having ensemble forecasts, variations etc. could give you an advantage, but it's a lot more effort.

- Red dots are "full option" boats. Which does not mean some blue dot boats have not purchased all necessary options for the race, so some of them may well be in the lead. It's not if the options are paid as full pack, just if you have them all (minus the radio)
Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2020-05-07 | 02:03:47
Cvetan, you are so cool
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