Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-22 | 13:20:40

Sorry, not really a Zezo topic, but I can find anywhere to make feature requests in the VR forums. Maybe this community can popularize the idea.

How about a spectator mode?

Currently for you to observe a race you have to enter it. If you are not really able to race because of other time commitments that is going to negatively impact your VSR points.

I can think of a lot of reasons someone might want to observe a race. Follow friends or teammates. Follow different race tactics and learn. The near-total absence of other sporting diversions currently.

Sport grows through spectators and fans. Why not?

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Post by iconPost by Hamachi SA | 2020-05-22 | 15:28:58
Good idea. I didn't enter Beneteau race because with the light, fluky winds, it looked like a pain fest requiring frequent attention. But I did want to see how good/bad it is and follow some team mates.

Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2020-05-22 | 18:18:35
Idea is good but you want to bet that if they do, it will not be for free? At least some credits
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-22 | 20:57:02
Advertising supported. You want to just watch, you have to watch commercials. Just like watching any other sport.
Post by iconPost by PML | 2020-05-23 | 07:02:44
bmerten, why don't you just create a separate account in VR, only for the sake of checking the parameters of each course and / or watch a race without participating ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-23 | 09:49:51
Especially useful with the last game version. Tells you the truth when game says you're #6 but you're actually #683 ;-)
Post by iconPost by rids | 2020-05-24 | 10:28:25
anyone can enter a race , free and without registration as a Guest. This way you are able to follow the race. without disturbing your ranking.

Post by iconPost by UUnet | 2020-05-24 | 10:44:57
Agree with that. You can reach any race with a free account, and observe it.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-24 | 15:07:36
So, I just tried the guest thing. Kind of awkward and a lot of steps to get in as guest and then back out and into your own account again. Sure not a, pop over and see how my buddies are doing thing.

Biggest problem is it doesn't have your following list or teammates. You'd have to rebuild all that.
Also, that increases the registered number of participants and impacts VSR points for those racing. More participants dilutes the points impact. Probably the opposite of what a high spectator interest should do.

At least now I can see what everyone is talking about in the Beneteau race. The follow the leaders' strategy sure didn't work, lol.
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2020-08-04 | 17:42:11
I asked VR this very question. I keep the stats and rankings for Team USA, and I wanted to be able to see results of races I didn't enter. But alas, all I got back from VR support was silence. usual.
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