Post by iconPost by Edulightt | 2020-05-31 | 19:12:07

Please, can someone help me use this tool? Thank you. I don't understand many things and it doesn't detect me where my boat is positioned, suggests to me a route that I find impossible to take now.

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Post by iconPost by LinusVanpelt | 2020-05-31 | 19:21:56
Hi, I suggest you read a little,going on the site :

There are 3 guides french/english about VR, zezo & VR Dashboard, after you will know everything, or almost ;)

Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2020-05-31 | 21:01:53
Plura interrogantur a stulto, quam queant a sapiente dilui

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-05-31 | 23:00:33
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