Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2020-10-04 | 15:57:11

Hello all,

For the past few races (Figaro #3 and #4) when I hover over the Pin it reads the Coordinates of the opposite or unimportant pin of the Gate. I've had to reach out to others for the information. Previously it functioned correctly.

Additionally, when I re-enter the race viewer my route no longer auto updates, I have to manually launch an update from Dashboard.

I have removed both dashboard and route Zezo and reinstalled this morning. Looking afterward I am able to see both pin coordinates of Cape horn but only the east end of the atlantic equator gate displays regardless of which pin I hover over.

Going to reinstall chrome to see if that helps, before I do any insights?


Thank you Cvetan for all you do.

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-10-04 | 17:44:48
That's very weird. The coordinates are displayed correctly in NY-SF and in Vendee. In Genova-Trieste, the N/S coordinates are correct, but the W/E coordinates are interchanged. I'll check what's going on.

I don't see any incorrect values anymore. Not sure what I saw earlier, but I'm assuming I just didn't read them correctly.
Position labels were broken in an older version though. Can you please mention your version and/or post a screenshot?

Edit2: Regarding auto route updates, did you make sure that the 'Auto router window' flag is checked?
Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2020-10-04 | 21:46:17
Hey HardTack,

My Chrome browser has been troubled for a minute so I reinstalled. Additionally, I loaded Chromium and have dedicated it to all things VR. So far VRO,,, VRdashboard, are all functioning in harmony with accuracy.

I did have to go pluck my ZEZO password from my chrome auto-fill password manager as it seems assigned and Chromium does not support Chrome extensions perfectly.

To answer your query, versions were latest and Auto Router box was checked but no Bueno.

Seems all is cleared up, I'
ll report on how Chromium is working for me after a race or two.


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