Post by iconPost by cardio408 | 2020-10-31 | 18:13:36

The polar are the same in zezo than in virtual regatta for VG?

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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-10-31 | 18:23:34
They match in all events, not just VG.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-10-31 | 22:34:19
It seems VG have updated a little bit the sail values for the Imoca 60 recently...

Very tiny adjustments, though, but that may be worth using the latest polars to be synced with the game.

Post by iconPost by Zdravko | 2020-11-01 | 11:26:36
Hi Toxcct !

Could you pls confirm on your web polar generator - which Imoca polars are actual for VG on VR, respectively to Zezo - Old or New Imoca ?

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-11-01 | 21:20:41
The "new" one obviously.

(The old one is still there for investigation purpose)
Post by iconPost by Zdravko | 2020-11-02 | 11:52:16
Thanks ! Above you did mentioned about of a slight changes with polars in VG ( probably as well with VR ) - have you implemented them with your polars as well ?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-10-31 | 18:23:35

Post by iconPost by Olivier | 2020-11-01 | 09:47:01
Hello, to be clear - We don t need to import Virtual Regatta boat’s polar to use zezo - correct ?
If so, it means by default zezo uses VIP bout polars ?
This is not clear for me - Thanks
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-11-01 | 10:15:52
No. Zezo lets you choose which options you have on your boat.

If you want to consult the polars, check this :
Post by iconPost by Olivier | 2020-11-01 | 10:35:17
Few years ago, we could indicate our boat name (Was easy) - I understand we can t do this any more and we need to set up zezo (with my boat ‘s polar) before using zezo - Right ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-01 | 18:52:59
You can get your boat position on a computer with the help of a Chrome extension. Then the options get transferred with the position.
Post by iconPost by Olivier | 2020-11-01 | 19:27:42
Ok - including the polars if I understand well - Many Thanks
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-11-01 | 20:34:29
I just had a look at the VG seems that max boat speed overall is about 25 knots...can that be? is VR using polars from like 10 year old non-foiling boats? why would they do that? I thought the big marketing claim is supposed to be that the online boats race the real is this supposed to work if the real boats are 50% faster?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-02 | 00:35:47
Yes and no.

Their claim to be using real boat polars is complete bullshit. They explicitly claimed that the Atlantic Crossing Record polars were from the actual record holder Comanche. However, their polar only went up to 20knts of wind speed and 26 knots of boat speed. The polars used almost exactly matched the published polars for Scallywag, another 100' maxi, who's VPP polars are available because she races ORC. However, a real maxi keeps on accelerating above 20knts. In the Sydney-Hobart you can see them on the tracker hitting 35 in bursts and averaging over 30.

Back to the Imocas. Despite claims by some of the skippers (Alex Thompson doing 33knts in 18knts true), those are instantaneous speeds only. Only they know what those boats will do as an average hour after hour in real offshore conditions. Those are the real numbers that matter for VR. Unfortunately, until they start racing under IRC/ORC those numbers will be closely guarded.

In the Vendee Arctique, the virtual boats fell somewhere in between the latest generation foilers and the best of the non-foilers. Since Imoca sanctions the virtual race, they probably are happy with that. No one wants to see a virtual boat first over the line.
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-11-02 | 03:01:22
thanks BooBill...makes sense as you explain it...
Post by iconPost by urbicande | 2020-11-02 | 08:13:14
Good explanation!
Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2020-11-02 | 13:20:08
One more point could be how VR is willing to value the foils. In the VR Polars those add max 6% of speed while in the real, they rather add 15 to 30% in certain conditions and angles. To offer a paying otion that makes for this much of a gain would certainly result in being shitstormed by the community as it would be seen as a must buy to at least enjoy the game a little bit.
Although I would have loved to see my virtual boat flying 30kn and be able to keep up with the real, I think the game overall will be more interesting if we don't see that big a difference between options.
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