Ice limit penalty
Post by iconPost by Okyalos | 2020-12-06 | 16:06:52

Hi All, what happens when we cross the ice limit, red line ?
Is there a speed or time penalty? Please let us know @zezo :)

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Post by iconPost by Retsam | 2020-12-06 | 16:08:00
You will paddle in the semolina: 1/3 of normal speed.

Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2020-12-06 | 16:18:34
Actually, a bit slower.
You sail at 30% of your current speed.
Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2020-12-06 | 16:24:00
By the way... Hi everybody. Very nice community, I am learning a lot. Thanks for all to all of you involved in doing all this.
And thanks to Cvetan for making and keeping this very reliable tool in perfect shape.
[Cvetan, I wonder what is your sailing name on VR...]

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-12-06 | 16:32:11
Cvetan is "Big Bird" in the game.
Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2020-12-07 | 15:36:30
Thanks YourMomSa!
Post by iconPost by KLM2235 | 2020-12-06 | 17:41:16
I have been penalised without having crossed nor got over ice zone red line
Have you already had the same problem ?
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-07 | 13:27:25
I think someone wrote that you might get the penalty if the next server update (every 10 min) would have taken you across the line, even if you turned before it.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-12-07 | 16:04:30
That was me. That bug existed in the 2016 edition, and the ice limit hasn't been used since then, so I was concerned it might still exist. But I've been short-gybing the ice limit aggressively and I haven't incurred that problem... So I think they fixed that bug. I don't have insight into what could have caused KLM's issue. My only guess would be if the UI and server were out of sync on his screen... In that case, the UI could show him on the right side of the line while the server would show him on the wrong side. But it should have self-corrected after the next 10-minute cycle (meaning it would then show him on the wrong side of the line... sudden, surprising bad news...). If it wasn't that, then I have no ideas.
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-07 | 19:42:27
OK, didn't dare test that so I have adjusted the timing of the gybe away from the ice limit to get the gybe next to the ice limit timed at an even 10 minutes.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-12-07 | 20:28:08
I started pushing it to the limit after I saw others doing it without ramifications.
Post by iconPost by KLM2235 | 2020-12-07 | 21:54:19
I think you're right, it should be a problem of GUI display

In my opinion, it should be more reliable, especially from a professional structure
If you are able to manage notification to prevent beaching, you should be able to do the same to prevent ( meaning in a predictive way ) ice zone crossing ...

Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-12-08 | 01:57:47
Making manual manoeuvres, particularly in the period between the 10 min time stamp and when the refresh button appears, can cause some very screwy things to happen visually. So, far I haven't any evidence that they aren't being executed properly and will sort themselves on the next update. However, for sanity's sake, I've been doing all manoeuvers with program moves, even if I'm sitting in front of the screen.

For what it's worth, I find the visual projection of your path more accurate and stable in the new engine than the old one.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-12-08 | 02:36:14
Yup. I've been doing all of my short gybes using the scheduler, and have avoided touching it within 10 minutes of the gybe (before or after), even if I'm worried I might cross the line.
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-08 | 10:12:17
Similar approach here. What is interesting, from time to time, if I have the game screen active, the programmed heading changes pop up on the compass as manual changes to be approved by clicking the green ok icon. That's a bit puzzling.
Post by iconPost by Russel1 FIN | 2020-12-08 | 10:43:51
Yes, I've seen the same strange behaviour referred to by karriv. Regarding gybes close to ice limit, I have used only waypoints since I recall a reply from support (some years ago though) that it's position info is more accurate than the programmed heading&time
Post by iconPost by pfilou49 | 2020-12-08 | 22:06:58
do you think that you get penality if you cross le ice glace but not before (modulo 5mn) and not after (modulo 5mn), if you can you can cross & corner as in the latest with only wind 1 degree square ? example at 8h30 and 8h35 ?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-12-08 | 23:48:49
I wouldn't risk it. As far as I can tell, the ice limit if functioning correctly (aside from whatever happened to KLM).
Post by iconPost by MikeFloutier | 2020-12-09 | 14:36:58
It’s interesting, the “dotted” white translucent warning marks appear to be around 2nm wide (both sides of the red ice line) which equates to around 3nm sailed if approaching at an angle. That, in turn, would equate to around 10 minutes sailing at around 20kts BS.

This seems to be consistent with there being the likelihood of getting penalised if we don’t make allowances. Does that make sense?

Certainly sailing parallel to the red line doesn’t seem to be an issue as all the leaders seem to be doing it. It’s interesting to compare 3va3da (currently in P1, sailing just outside the warning marks) with GAVIB69-TB5 (P3, who’s sailing pretty much on the red line)
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-09 | 16:32:51
The reason is that the router suggested a small diversion to North would be quicker than sailing along the limiting line.
Post by iconPost by aerobert | 2020-12-09 | 16:03:43
Bother - it caught me when I wasn't looking: 12 miles and 5000 places.

For the one south of Cape Leeuwin at 45°59'59"S it's safe, at 46°00'00"S I was in it.

Looking at the Dashboard Log I see that I was heading 90.092° which eventually tripped me onto the line - VR console said 90° - be good if it is what it says it is.
On the Fleet tab some are exactly 90.000° others are odd fractions off either way I wonder if others will come a cropper - watch out - is your heading really 90.027?

Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-09 | 16:31:53
It's possible to set your heading (perhaps also TWA) to an exact integer buy grabbing the white dot in the compass between the adjustment arrows and setting the heading with that rather than clicking the arrows.

Check recent posts in this thread:

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-09 | 16:38:55
Sadly, that does not work for TWA.
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-09 | 16:59:01
So with TWA one has to resort to the old trick of moving programmations back and forth...
Post by iconPost by Avontuur | 2020-12-09 | 19:07:19
I tried it and it works also for TWA: "deg":-105.0016,"autoTwa":true. I will miss the endless clicking :)

update, probably it was an coincedance. second try failed. probably it snaps to the TWA linked with a rounded heading

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-09 | 21:25:11
It's what's it does, so the result depends on the current TWD.
Post by iconPost by Russel1 FIN | 2020-12-10 | 07:26:23
A note from last night - I hit the red line and was plowing slush for 20min loosing some 1500 places. It seems that the red line of exclusion zone is a 2D straight line while the boat follows the great circle route. I was using waypoints, and being too close to the radline, this great circle effect dipped me below the ice exclusion line between two waypoints. Lesson learned... :)
Post by iconPost by YC6211 | 2020-12-10 | 08:01:40
Yes. The red line is a loxodromic line while the waypoints use an orthodromic line. You can actually see the effect of the orthodromic waypoint route if you drag one out to 24h.
Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2020-12-10 | 11:16:31
J'ai eu ce problème cette nuit et j'ai perdu 12000 places.Merci pour ce renseignement.
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