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Post by iconPost by Breizh From Paris | 2021-01-02 | 11:30:19

Hello everybody,

I am a new user of Zezo router, ans I noticed that the route the router advice me to chose was completely different according to the number of days selected in the top right "track duration" window where you can chose from 1 to 16 days tracking. Does someone could explain this changes to me, please ?
And which best tracking duration would you advise me to chose in this window ?

I also clicked right and chose "Go to Les Sables d'Olonne" in the Zezo window. Is it also the right choice to do ?

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-03 | 14:06:13
You want the full track most of the time. Ideally, it should reach your destination.

If that's not possible it should be long enough to give you unambiguous strategic solution. Which also is not quite possible because the weather 16 days ahead is more likely to change than to stay as forecast.
Post by iconPost by Breizh From Paris | 2021-01-03 | 14:24:03
I get this. Thanks for your answer, Zezo !
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