Jules Verne 2020 - "Start NOW" discrepancy VS real time
Post by iconPost by Fred | 2021-01-05 | 12:41:46

Hi everybody, first post here, so first of all hello to the zezo community and wish you all the best for 2021. :)

That's said, my question is : for any other race, there is only the "Go!" button. At the exact time I click on it, zezo calculates the best route with the coordinates I entered.

Whereas in Trophee Jules Verne, we can choose a time departure, or "Start NOW" that per my understanding should work as the "Go!" button on other races... But it's not. It always shows a departure time 1-2 hrs in the past which is quite confusing, and I don't know if the coordinates I entered are at the starting point of the route (I guess yes, so in in the past already by 1-2 hrs).

Because of this, so far I don't use use this "Start NOW" but wait an exact time (like 2:00 for example), and update my coordinates at this clocking time. That's the only way I found to update my route, giving coordinates and having the starting point of the route matching my coordinates AND current real time.

If anyone could clarify, thanks!

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Post by iconPost by Fred | 2021-01-05 | 12:45:18
Forgot to mention : BIIIG Thx to Cvetan Ivanov to have created this zezo router website, interface is almost perfect, clear, simple... Very nice tool. Thx again Cvetan if you pass here and read this. :)

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-05 | 16:46:08
"Start now" uses the current time.

But the record-type races are displayed in UTC instead of CET and that can be a bit confusing.

Idea behind UTC is that the 3-hour start intervals correspond exactly to the GRIB files. The code would get a bit messy on CET.
Post by iconPost by kalamare | 2021-01-05 | 19:36:52
Hi, I wish you (and the whole community) a good and happy new year !

I don't exactly understand the confusion that happen if your code is in CET. But, What I see is that the routing in the Jules Vernes Trophy appears in UTC all the time, even after start, even when local time is activated.

eg : It's 19:20 when I calculate and Zezo show me that it's 18:20 at my current location.

This is not the case on the Vendée Globe. Nothing to do about it ? That's a bit confusing when planning the route on VR.

But above all, thanks for your amazing work on this soft :-)
Post by iconPost by Fred | 2021-01-05 | 20:47:58
Ahhh... The answer was so simple. :)
I just did not think about it as other races are not set up in UTC.
Thx for quick reply.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-05 | 21:36:31
@kalamare Honestly, I'm not sure either, but it was better/easier for the "Predicted times" page this way. I wrote it in a hurry due to user demand and that was the fastest way.

After 3 days the predictions are based on 3-hour interval. If it's not in UTC it won't match the GRIB files/wind selector. Probably not a big deal, but it's a bunch of shell scripts that "just work"


DATE=`date +%s`
START=$(( $DATE-$DATE%(6*3600)))


for i in `seq 5 53; seq 54 3 174`
T=$(( $START +$i * 3600 ))

Post by iconPost by kalamare | 2021-01-07 | 10:19:22
My coding skills stops on what I did on my pocket calculator in high school ! So I can't blam you on this... :-) And, in fact, that's not so difficult to add one hour to the router for my personnal correction.

Your work is great, I thank you for that every 6hr :-) and I understand things may not be as easy as it looks when we use Zezo.

Wish you the best !
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