"Sails Change" within the Programming
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA 2105 | 2021-01-13 | 13:07:57

Hi All,
I have a problem that is not easy to explain:
the dotted programming line does not take into account the sail change when the wind changes.
Practically, it seems as if I had just the current sail during the programming and, consequently, the prediction of the future course is distorted if the wind shift exceeds the range of such sail. Of course, I have the option Auto Sail always activated (Full Pack).
This occurrence has never happened to me before; is it my problem or has it happened to someone else too?
I hope I have been understandable.

Many thanks.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-13 | 13:09:50
It's been like this for quite a while, you just haven't noticed.

Makes the 5 day forecast with the VIP subscription pretty much useless.
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA 2105 | 2021-01-13 | 13:37:34
Ah ... so, is there no other solution than to force the sail change to see what happens 5 days later?
Anyway, thanks a lot for your information

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