Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-18 | 19:28:04

Just in case you have not visited the Home page recently. You can select your race and get boat position right there now. Should be more useful than a chart screenshot ;-)

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Post by iconPost by ozze | 2013-12-19 | 16:50:08
Thank you very much Cvetan.
Glad to see you working continuously on zezo efficiency.
I send you a message on FB.
Best regards.
Post by iconPost by kikouic | 2013-12-19 | 17:05:37
Thank you for this novelty, just a question: why the departure of the track does not start with the hour of the moment? There are sometimes gaps of a few hours.when we use zezo since pacotool
It depend of the race !
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-19 | 17:51:41
You may see cached tracks for a race which has not started yet. Because the boat position is the same all the time the track does not really change unless there is new weather forecast in effect.

In this case you can force the generation of new track by moving the destination point around a bit.

Once the race is started every new boat position generates new routing data.
Post by iconPost by kikouic | 2013-12-19 | 18:10:39
ok thank you
I understand the philosophy
best regards
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-19 | 18:17:12
There is one more difference in the current version compared to few years ago.

In the old version every refresh (like zooming in/out) would try to get the current position, which may not be a good idea because sometimes the track is a bit unstable and you would get slightly different result every time.

Now you have to submit the boat name/open the pacotool link/open a saved link with a 'boat=xxx' parameter to cause position/track refresh.
Post by iconPost by kikouic | 2013-12-19 | 18:45:54
Yes we had noticed it and even I waited that the hour is in approximately in order of 0 minutes to obtain a track without too much differences hour by hour. The problem came from the departure time which already for a number of month takes into account time until the next weather report.
Now for example if I chose the clipper race or the frozen race , I have one hour of difference : a track with CET and the other one with CET +/- 1
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-19 | 18:54:23
The date in the green box is the position date from the game. It's days or weeks back for a race you have finished or one that has not started yet.

The date in the status line is the validity date of the track. It may or may not be close to the position date.

To make things even more confusing the Clipper still uses the old version in which the date in the status line is in UTC. I'll fix that before Sydney-Hobart starts.
Post by iconPost by kikouic | 2013-12-19 | 18:59:38
Thank you very much for your help at this game
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