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Can someone help me with this?

During the last Leg (5) I attempted to move the destination away from the router path that I was following. An example was when around 60 south with Cape Horn due north I tried to force a route east of the Falklands. Setting the destination point east of Stanley it would not get off a route NW for the Horn. Planning my own navigation and heading toward Stanley the router kept pointing to the last nav point even when that point was off my aft beam (back).

I tried setting the start where I was to a destination east of Stanley and it insisted to go back to the route I had left. I would set a heading toward Stanley and exit Zezo for an hour only for it to route me backwards to the last point where I left it.

I thought the router considered the destination and built a route from where you are. Am I wrong in this?

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Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-04-05 | 10:31:41
You were right clicking and using "set as destination", right? If that doesn't work, just off the top of my head I suggest cleaning out your cookies. I don't think Zezo is using them (nothing but _ga in there last time I checked).

You can't go too far off track though because running the server takes effort, it can not just consume automated weather data and make a route on demand. The maps are all done by hand as well as the weather, course and polar calculations. So you can drive "off the map", for example just too far south. If it is not in route to a finish it probably isn't being maintained.

Hope that helps.

Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-04-05 | 18:44:54
Thanks, I will get back to this. Easter is a busy day here.

Okay, the day is over. I understand your comments and realize the constraints. Thanks. That is good; VRTool is a nightmare without a manual. I think I need to do what I did on the last leg when I wanted to go to New Britain and not west of Guinea. What should have done was set Stanley the destination because it would go there and then when near there ask for routing onward. I think it would have worked and from history the east side was favored.

I am learning...I think. It still baffles me that the router wanted to go back to a checkpoint and not forward to one on the route it liked. That was unsettling.
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