Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-08-06 | 12:58:22

hi guys, just wanted to ask if you have similar experiences or if its just me...and ask if anyone with a better understanding of the game can explain to me:
I usually get disappointed when the final ranking pops up after finishing...its constantly at least 10 places worse than expected based on in-game rankings and boat on map position.

- does VR place your boat on a better position on the map as it in reality is? I know that shortly after the start of a race my boat always seem to be at the head of the pack although in reality it probably isn't...but does this continue until the finish?

- I constantly get a final ranking behind boats that seemed to be at least one boat length behind me on the map during the race and shortly before the finish line...does anybody else has this feeling or is it just me? Is the boat positioning on the map really so far off?

- there are always several rankings available which never really matches each other: the ranking displayed on the race overview page, the ranking on the map, the overall ranking, the country ranking, the ranking within your team etc. it seems they all get updated at different times and usually not match up...can anybody advise which one is the most reliable?

- even if you take into account that all these rankings are not accurate all of the time, if I am constantly ahead of certain boats in all these rankings until shortly before the finish, and the finish is a straight line, waypoint driven, all ducklings in a row sort of finish like the fastnet, I still get a final ranking behind a couple of boats which I was always in front of according to the in-game rankings...again, am I the only one and is it just wishful thinking on my part or is this a normal sensation other people have as well? and why is that ?

my apologies for my ramblings, but I would very much appreciate your experience and input here...

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-08-06 | 15:19:56
Game positions can be way off. The server can not update every boat simultaneously, so based on who was updated the most recently they are going to look better. Since your boat is always updated, you will always look better than you are.

Sometimes asking a friend or teammate to click your boat and tell you will give a more accurate insight.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-08-06 | 16:07:59
I think this issue has gotten worse at some point in the last few months. I'm guessing they adjusted something to improve system performance that exacerbated the existing issue.

If I understand correctly, they only update the boat positions once per 5 minute cycle, but your own position gets updated every minute, or something like that... So your position will always be ahead of (or equal to) where it should be relative to the fleet. Sometimes by as much as 4 minutes. Which can be a LOT of places in a tight fleet like this year's Fastnet. This also means your actual position will be the worst you ever see. So I usually cross the finish line hoping for "anything better than the worst I've seen lately" and am therefore not hit by the disappointment that would more naturally normally occur.

But I think that isn't the whole answer... because sometimes the ranking seems off by even more than what can be explained by 4 minutes of sailing. Maybe due to invisible gate positions or validations.

It's really unfortunate because it really damages the user's enjoyment of the game.
Post by iconPost by PML | 2020-08-06 | 21:30:19
freudenoli,I think that you must consider the ranking which is displayed when you open the game as the best ranking you could ever get if you were to pass the finish line in the next 5 minutes. For example, if it's 20th, it is as if 19 players ahead of you had already passed this virtual finish line in the preceding 5-minutes refresh period of the game. It is also likely that at that moment, there may be let's say 10 other players close to you who are within 5 minutes to pass this virtual finish line and for whom VR also displays a ranking of 20th. And therefore, your actual ranking is in fact somewhere between 20 and 29.

On a related matter, VR always show your boat well ahead of its actual position on the map, which can make you think that your ranking is better than what it really is: to have a proof of that, create an account for a second boat in VR where you add your first boat as friend, and you will see that the position of your first boat on the map, as seen when connected with your second boat is well behind that when connected with your first boat.

This two above-mentionned phenomenons explain why players often get frustrated by their actual final ranking.
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-08-06 | 21:36:14
thank you very much BooBill, YourMom and PML...makes a lot of sense...I'll try and better manage my expectations next races around :-)
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