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Hello to the community.
Thank you for accepting me on the forum.
I have a lot of trouble with the toogle tool.
Once the route is defined and calculated by Zezo, I have a hard time understanding how to use your red and green tracks.
For a given point to reach, position the cursor on this point.
This allows you to see which trace corresponds best to the black trace. In the frame next to the cursor a red HDG and a green TWA are displayed.
By moving the cursor we can see which track best corresponds to the Zezo route.
However, I don't see how to figure out which route is the fastest or the most efficient.
Sorry for that rookie question which has certainly already been mentioned.
I went through the list of previous posts without success and I could not find the "search" function.
Thank you for your feedback. Thank Google Traduction

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-22 | 16:46:40
If you are on optimal route the dots/circles on the red/green lines will not fall behind their corresponding isochrones (blue lines). There is often more than one angle where this is true.

You can also sail the blue line with the help of a waypoint. The game sails orthodrome towards the waypoint.
Post by iconPost by Bernours05 | 2020-11-22 | 17:36:56
Thank you !
Good evenning

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